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The Hipnotix 'hip'story

The Hipnotix is the brain-child of Melissa who wanted to form a band which focused on the highest quality of musicianship and professional demeanor to perform live music for weddings and corporate events. Dallin and Jeremy joined in early January of 2013 and Matt was added in February. After Jeff's departure, we acquired Kevin in October of 2013.

In April, the group recorded a three-song demo in Mesa. The inaugural show was at Aunt Chilada's in Phoenix on May 17 2013.

The mission for The Hipnotix is to make their scheduled events the best quality cover show that the valley has to offer. They pride themselves on learning the music other bands shy away from creating a live atmosphere that has the most up-to-date sound. Every week they get together to learn more music to add to their list. They plan to constantly make strides to stand out in the Arizona music scene and, of course, obtain complete and total world domination.

melissa sanfordWe are all about setting ourselves apart musically and making it our mission for our clients and patrons to have the best and most memorable experience.

Matt Laschen
Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Percussion

Born in Detroit Michigan, Matt Laschen learned jazz guitar first and played in his high school’s jazz band. His first job was in a large music store in Ann Arbor Michigan where he was exposed to some great rock music influences such as Grand Funk Railroad, Aerosmith, Peter Frampton and Bob Seger. After many years of playing with a national touring rock band in the club circuit he migrated west and settled in Arizona.

In Phoenix, Matt played with the heavy metal band Maniacs that played locally for many years. Next he played in a funky disco group that performed primarily for corporate event audiences and festivals. Matt has always worked in the entertainment and live event industries and is currently a national sales director for a large production company in Scottsdale AZ. Now Matt enjoys playing guitar for serious fun and brings his high energy performance style to the Hipnotix band.


Kevin Strange
Drums, Percussion

Kevin began his musical career at the early age of 13. He had the fortunate experience to be playing with much older and experienced musicians and play at premier venues in and around his hometown of Dighton, Massachusetts . Kevin also attended classes at the Berklee School of Music as well as University of Rhode Island. He also had the distinction of touring with New England rock band ”The Fashion“.

Having had the unique experience to meet and play with such great drummers as Steve Smith (Journey and Vital Information) and jazz legend Allen Dawson (Dave Brubeck) gave Kevin an opportunity to forge his own Rock/Jazz playing style.

Kevin may also look familiar from his television show that aired on ABC a few years ago Rock N Roll Grille  The show featured his love of grilling, music and as he puts it “Rock N Roll Lifestyle”.

Meet the band...

Melissa Sanford
Vocals, Percussion

Melissa hails from New York and has been singing on stage since as far back as she can remember. She sang on the high school stage in a myriad of musical productions and revues and went to work fronting her first successful wedding band during her senior year of school. Over her 25 year music career she has taken on all types of musical projects; from studio gigs to musicals, acoustic duos to full-blown show bands, Melissa is the quintessential front person.

Not only does she bring strong vocals to the stage, but her engaging personality keeps the crowd involved and ensures everyone has a fantastic time.


Dallin Birch
Vocals, Keys, Rhythm Guitar, Harmonica

Originally from Southeastern Idaho, Dallin Birch grew up in a musical family and has been playing piano for over 25 years. He is a multi-instrumentalist and loves playing guitar, drums, saxophone and trumpet as well.

Dallin has been performing with several bands over the years and has always enjoyed the unique dynamic that exists between performer and audience in live music.

When not rocking with the band, Dallin is caring for his patients in his Ahwatukee dental practice.


Jeremy Knackert
Vocals, Bass Guitar, Keys

Jeremy grew up in Watertown, Wisconsin and comes from a long line of musicians and artisans. He began private piano instruction and later picked up trumpet, tuba, guitar, and bass in high school. While attending the music program at the Unversity of Wisconsin - Whitewater, he marched playing trumpet in the university band.

He began playing bass at 17 in the high school jazz band. Singing was picked up at 19 during a family karoake event where he discovered his voice and confidence (after a few shots). He has played and recorded with 'Finger' out of Madison, Wisconsin and Cynergy 67 out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin along with many other talented bands over his 20 year career.

When Jeremy isn't playing in the Hipnotix, he is an E-Learning Designer for Charles Schwab and resides with his dog 'Buddy' in Glendale, Arizona.